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  • Sue Stelzmann

New Year 2017

Tallahassee Clay Arts is going strong in 2017. Here is a brief review of last year and a look forward:

The numbers for 2016

  • In April we donated over 400 bowls to Echo’s Empty Bowl Supper and help raise $8,000

  • In November our Studio Tour had 10 locations, 30+ artists and gross total was over $20,000

  • There are 350 people registered on my website – 162 on our Facebook group

  • We used 580 bags of clay

  • We had 10 meetings… eating Mexican in Monticello, quaffing beer at Grasslands, eating hot dogs at my house, chowing down chicken at Rusty’s in Woodville.

  • We demonstrated techniques to each other… Gregg with decals, throwing with Rusty, photography at TCA, screen printing with Hope Leedom, and showing off at our first Throw Off event in October.

  • Clay art got some local media attention - I got on TV and in Tallahassee Magazine as did Holly and Erica. Brian Bachman was a featured artist by COCA in the Democrat in November. Barbara Balzer had a big show at 621 in September. Nancy Jefferson was featured at LeMoyne in August. Holly Hanessian worked with clay, kids and artists in our community to better engage community through art.

  • I bought three new wheels and started Try Clay – a clay class just for beginners on Fridays to just try clay.

Pretty good for 2016

And looking ahead to 2017……

  • Be ready to vote on a T-shirt design. Lauren Anderson will be taking the helm to pull together choices for votes.

  • Community Raku! Yes, we will be going forward to build Raku kilns and other alternate firing fun at Millstone Plantation. We still need parts (metal trash cans, gloves, valves, firebrick, regulators, tongs) Ivy Frankenfield, Gregg Matthews and Rusty are going to work on some glazes. Soon we will have regular times doing Raku under the stars.

  • Membership with Tallahassee Clay Arts just got better. Not only do you get discounts on clays, but members get access to photography equipment, a single two hour access to studio equipment (slab roller, extruders, wheels, compressor and tile press), eligible to participate in our annual Studio Tour, access to our Community Raku sessions and of course did I say cheaper clay? Your $25 annual membership helps support the club and keep it moving forward.

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