For those who want access to equipment and freedom to work independently, Tallahassee Clay Arts offers studio access.  Access is for those who have some experience in clay and can work in an unsupervised setting.  You can have access once or twice a week at a time that works with your schedule.  
Once a week (four 3 hr sessions) $50
Twice a week (eight 3 hr sessions) $80
Call or email Sue at 850-766-2157 to schedule an interview or to get more information. 
Firing Fees
Don't have a kiln?  Tallahassee Clay Arts can fire your work or help you with glazing.  Call 850-766-2157 to arrange for your first firing.  
  • Fill a 12”x12”x6” box to be fired for bisque (^05) or glaze (^6)  (using your own glaze).  Gently arrange your work in a box with your items in packing material.  You do not need to pack the work tightly but imagine items touching and stacking in a kiln to best estimate a half square foot.  Leave your work at 1816 Mahan Drive on the shelf on the front porch with the following information:  Your name, date, phone number, your artist mark to identify your work and total number of items.  For glazed items note the clay body and glazes used.  Broken work will not be fired unless you leave a note stating otherwise.  Work can be leather hard to bone dry.   Only mid-fire clay bought from Tallahassee Clay Arts can be glazed fired. 
  • Fill a kiln (6 cubic feet) bisque or glaze.    
*$35 annual membership will give you the lower price.
Call 850-766-2157 or email for more information on these services