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Jocelyn Riedl

​I love working with all clay bodies utilizing various techniques and surface treatments. Building a relationship with any process takes time, patience, and understanding. My focus as an instructor is to make this process enjoyable as you accomplish your personal clay objectives.

  • Beginning Wheel

  • Advanced Wheel

  • Carving, glazing and underglaze surface techniques

Jocelyn Riedl


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Sue Stelzmann

​Building with clay is my passion.  There is always something new to learn.  I can help you express your ideas in clay or am available for consultations on building your own studio.


  • Slab construction techniques

  • Tile and mosaic installation

  • Large scale sculptures

  • Non functional ceramic objects

  • Studio development


Lauren Anderson

I love creating representational work! Tally Clay Arts has been a wonderful organization to me for over ten years and I adore creating in this space. My goal is to give you the tools to make something that perhaps you thought you couldn't while having a blast! I teach practical ways to make fun forms, faces, and creatures.

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