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Don't have a kiln?  Tallahassee Clay Arts can fire your work.  Choose to fire by the piece or fill a 12”x12”x6” box for a better rate.  We fire bisque to cone ^05 and all glazed ware to cone ^6  (using your own glaze).  ONLY MIDFIRE CLAYS AND GLAZES are allowed. Unfortunately, we do not fire low fire work. If you are confused by these terms, be sure to call ahead to make sure you are using the right materials for our kilns. We reserve the right to refuse firing work that could cause damage.

The way it works: Before you start, make sure each piece has your name or artist mark on it. Gently pack your work in a box in packing material. Leave your work at 1816 Mahan Drive on the shelf on the front porch and fill out either a GREEN green ware firing request or a YELLOW glaze firing request. 


We need your name, date, phone number, your artist mark to identify your work and total number of items. For glazed items note the clay body and glazes used.  Broken work will not be fired unless you leave a note stating otherwise. Work can be leather hard to bone dry. Be sure to text Sue at 850-766-2157 to let her know you left work for firing. Work is integrated into our studio's firing schedule and can take up to three or four weeks. No rushes or urgent requests considered. We will text you when your work is ready for pickup. 


Single piece $5

Half cubic foot $35

Full Kiln $75


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