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Service to fire a large kiln full of ware to either cone 05 or 6.   The kiln is 23-3/8" diameter x 27" deep - approximately 6 cubic feet. 

Instructions:  Please call to arrange a firing time for your work.  Work will be loaded by Sue Stelzmann with your input.  Leave your work at 1816 Mahan Drive on the shelf on the front porch with the following information:  Your name, date, phone number, your artist mark to identify your work and total number of items. 

Greenware will be fired to 05 unless you specify otherwise.  Broken work will not be fired unless you leave a note stating otherwise.  Work can be leather hard to bone dry. 

Glazedware clay must have been purchased from Tallahassee Clay Arts and be MIDFIRE.   All contact surfaces should be wiped free from glaze.  Sue would like to know what glazes you are using to insure proper firing.  Call/text 850-766-2157 to make arrangements and discuss your specific concerns.

Large Kiln Firing

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