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April meeting at Tiffiny's

These are Gregg's notes from the last meeting at Tiffiny Hewitt-Brown's home in Mid Town. The first meeting I could not attend! But alas, Julie, Tiffiny and Gregg lead without a hitch. Plan to come! Meetings are the first Wednesday after the First Friday of the month.

Notes form April 8th meeting:

Huge Thanks to Tiffany for making a wonderful meeting space on the front lawn, including wonderful food & bevs (plus a puppy!)

The introductions were still going around the circle as I arrived, and between Tiffany & Julie we got things rolling and reviewed the Agenda Items.

Meeting Announcements

  • Next meeting is May 6th at Sue Stelzmann’s house 1118 Brandt Drive – possible discussion on shipping ceramics by Brian Bachman

  • Tomorrow’s Photo shoot workshop will once again be postponed! SO sorry for the inconvenience. Ivy may have an update on this.

  • Tallahassee Clay Arts will have a booth at LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival April 18 – 19th in the children festival area. Need volunteers for throwing demonstrations and to help kids with clay crafts Tiffany and Jacque Foster have volunteered for Saturday, Gregg is coming on Sunday.

  • Would there be any interest in bringing Wally Asselbergh to Tallahassee for a naked raku workshop? We need to find a public location for him to do a workshop. Barbara Davis is bringing him to Florida High possibly in late October. Any ideas or suggestions on a space that can be open to the public (up to 15 participants) would be appreciated. I am contacting Master Craftsman – and that is my only idea

  • Thank you all who participated in Empty Bowls – at last report the entire event brought in $8,000 – We had about 290 bowls and 10 auction items.

  • Would anyone like to go to NCECA next year in Kansas City (March 16th – 19th) – if there is interest, she will pursue organizing a group trip.

  • Is anyone interested in going to Gainesville May 16th to an image transfer to clay workshop? $125 - Charlie Cummings Gallery (2040 NW 6th St, Gainesville, FL) – Please post on Facebook to let anyone know if you are interested in going with someone.

  • Sue wants to know if anyone is interested in a monthly coffee for folks who want to talk about their work and encourage each other with their ideas. These “meet ups” will be during the day and are especially for folks who live farther out of town and don’t like going to evening meetings. If there is a healthy interest, Sue will pursue organizing this.

  • COCA has a call to artist aged 18-29 to participate in this specially designed juried exhibition opportunity. The 30 Under 30 Juried Exhibition will include individual artworks by 30 local artists under the age of 30. Deadline July 31st $500 prize for Best of Show. Go to their website to find out how to submit.

Here's a quick summary of my sketchy notes:


15 = Tiffany HB, Holly H, Leslie Nolan, Kate P, Ivy F, Mary D, Julie G, Brian B, Rusty M, Gregg M, Apsara, Erica & Libby, Rick & Hope Leedom.


** Tiffany: had us go 'round & introduce ourselves, we all repeated that person's name back and then reviewed at end to see how many names we could recall. Reinforces the Power of Names, plus maybe we'll remember later!

** NCECA was discussed, seems to be interest in attending NCECA 2015 in KC. Worth exploring further.

** Holly: brought up an idea from NCECA for a more-expansive Empty-Bowls-type project, mentioned her Hospice project, as well as a possible DOMI tie-in to explore further.

Morean Arts Center in St. Pete is good source for classes/wkshops, the annual Heat Surface is a Woodfire focus this year.

BFA show opens Friday, with Lourdes' work.

** Mary: field trip she likes is the Alabama Clay Conference in Birmingham AL, late February.

** Re: Charlie Cummings Image Xfr workshop, Julie pointed out that Charlie is "the" driving force in image transfer today.

** Rusty: offerings in Pensacola for workshops too, especially First City Arts Center hosts potters annually (think he said they rotate hosting annually with another Pcola studio?)

** Ivy: Ceraminoles open (eager) to hosting Fall semester Workshops, meet weekly Aug - Dec. CAB site available, and off-site local workshops could work too. Reminded us (gently) that she has a GoFundMe site for kiln $.

** Julie: reported that the First Friday at Lake Ella is working out well, March's had 8 shops open and some bringing in artists. Good RailRoad Square alternative.

** Tiffany: brought up the Lafayette Park ceramic class offerings including Brian B teaching, and that Donna said we were all welcome to stop by after the meeting to see it.

She showed her basement studio space and got some ideas for setting it up.

Random item:

Rusty offered to Ivy that anytime Ceraminoles/students are interested he would like to give demos on e.g. plate throwing, mugs, handles, etc., a few hours or so to share his skills.

Also he mentioned offhand an idea about building an "old-dryer, fiber, and weed-burner gas kiln" which may be fun to explore for a small reduction kiln.

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