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Planning Fall lineup -What's Next

What could possibly be next?

Tallahassee Clay Arts will be a year old in August. My goals were simple the first year – get a bunch of clay artists together, sell clay at a group rate, maintain a website and organize a few events. As of today I have 129 people signed up on my webpage and about 57 people on Facebook, organized a studio tour, helped with Empty Bowls, had monthly meetings, and staffed two booth events. New people are signing up every week and slowly we are growing.

Looking forward to another year. I hope to continue keeping people connected and growing our membership. I want to offer more training and learning opportunities and kick around the idea of opening a ceramic arts center. Join us at our meetings and stay in the loop. If you can't come, here is what I got to announce... and others are doing stuff too. Come to the meetings to hear more!

Announcements for July 8th meeting:

1) Developing Offerings for the fall:

  • Sept 23 and 30, Glaze Testing – Sue Stelzmann through LeMoyne

  • October 3rd – Mary Donahue is offering pit firing at her home ($10 suggested donation)

  • October/November – Naked Raku at Robin’s studio with Wally Asselbergh

  • Photography workshop at Sue’s house (November 11th during the day?)

2) Dec 4&5th Arts and Antique Fair – need participants interested in selling with TallyClayArts. You will need inventory and will sell under Tallahassee Clay Arts. 10% goes to Artist League and you will need to join the league $15.

3) For our meetings, I would like to setup presentations and locations at different members’ homes. Dates for meetings are September 9th, October 7th, November 11th (noon meeting?), no December meeting, January 6th, February 10th, March 9th, April 6th Possible topics of interest (you can research and present or find a speaker for us!)

  • Packaging and mailing – Brian Bachman

  • Branding, marketing and selling your work

  • Building your own website - using social media

  • Local shows and booth selling advice….

  • How to make a strategic plan for art business

  • Local galleries and selling opportunities

  • Good part time jobs for artists

  • Art perspectives and showcasing your work.

4) I am recruiting people to be on an advisory panel to help me develop a business plan for Tallahassee Clay Arts. If you are interested in helping with this, let’s talk more.

5) Should we do a Dirty Dozen Tour? I am not getting much response. Need to decide when. If I can get 6 artists to commit to a studio tour in October (Halloween – Sunday, October 30?). I will start planning, otherwise, we will have to pick another date in the winter or spring.

6) Clay is $12 a bag for members and $15 a bag for non-members. I now have some Lizella is $10 / $12. Membership is $25 for a year.

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