Fires gray-stony white in reduction at cone 10, off white at cone 8 oxidation, and bright white at cone 05 (raku). It is a rough textured, low shrinkage body designed for large-scale hand-built sculpture and tile work where thick cross sections (up to 1 inch) are anticipated. Contains 25% of a medium coarse/coarse grog.

Cone: 06-10
Wet Color: Light Gray
Fire Color
Oxidation: Light Gray
Reduction: Dark Gray/Black
Texture: Medium Coarse/ Coarse
Penetrometer Target: 7
Avg. Shrinkage ±2%: 7%
Avg. Water Absorption ±1%: 12%
COE x 10-6: 5.44

Max's White Sculpture Raku Cone 05-10 (EM-712)