Tallahasse Clay Arts is a club for anyone who loves to work in clay.  All meetings and access to our Facebook group are free and open to anyone interested in clay in the Tallahassee area.  You do not have to buy a membership to be a part of our community.  Our mission is to provide a support network and resources so clay artists and the clay curious can get what they need to make things with clay. 

Membership to Tallahassee Clay Arts


Annual membership to Tallahassee Clay Arts is $35 a year.  Your financial support helps pay for organizing events like our annual Studio Tour and keeps a supply of clays available. 


Membership has additional benifits


  • Discounts on bags of clay.   Members save 15% on each 25# bag of clay.

  • One time access to Tallahassee Clay Arts Studio (slab roller, extruder, wheels, pug mill, compressor, tile press, photo booth)

  • Discounts on firings

  • Option to participate in Maker Days or Raku for reduced fee

  • Inclusion as an artist in our Studio Tour and craft shows


Even if you do not buy a lot of clay every year, your membership helps sustain this club for the future.  Membership is limited to individuals and does not extend to schools or community organizations.  Tallahassee Clay Arts wants YOU to participate in our events and be a part of our maker community in clay.  


Sue Stelzmann

Director of Tallahassee Clay Arts